The Crua Clan is a Series of Moduler Tents and Accessories

 - Aug 7, 2017
References: kickstarter
The Crua Clan is a modular tent design and set-up system that works to offer optimal camping conditions, no matter what the weather in the area it is set up in may be.

The tents come in a series of modular pieces that can be used both on their own, and can be attached to one another for camping trips with larger numbers of people. It includes the Crua Caccoon, which is a modular pod that controls temperature, reduces the amount of light that streams in, and functions as a soundproof barrier between the camper and the outdoors.

The Crua Clan also includes a series of other items, like its Crua Duo, the Crua Duo + Caccoon, and the Crua Core.