Air France and Mind Keep Travelers Relaxed and Happy During Flights

 - Feb 1, 2018
References: corporate.airfrance
Air France and Mind, a popular mediation app, have partnered to help travelers who often experience anxiety and general discomfort while flying.

Considering that at any given moment, there are thousands of humans — who, it should be noted, can't fly — in mid-air, it's only natural to feel uncomfortable at the prospect of spending several hours aloft. Whether as a result of fear or of physical discomfort from the pressure changes and extended period spent sitting, plenty of people dread the prospect of having to travel. By partnering with one another, Air France and Mind provide a respite from those issues.

The app partnership features original guided meditation sessions available through passengers' seatback screen. There are six programs for children gleaned from author Eline Snel's 'Sitting Like a Frog', and six for adults taken from Cristophe Andres' best-seller 'Mindfulness Day After Day'.