Voodoo Priest Rum Builds Brand Identity Through Fiction

 - Jul 24, 2018
References: copper-and-brave.de & thedieline
Originally crafted as a Christmas present for clients and production partners of Braue, Voodoo Priest rum has grown into an exclusive rum that features incredibly unique packaging. Unlike most spirits, which define themselves with an air of realism and focus on the natural world, Voodoo Priest rum builds its brand story around a fictional story involving an alternative steampunk world, rare alcoholic artifacts and parallel universes of Victorian England. This focus on a fictional backstory is key to the spirit as the brand behind it, Copper and Brave, aims to tell a story with each glass.

To tie into the story and aesthetic of the spirit the bottle comes adorned with typical items used in voodoo rites. These items include feathers, pearls and a chicken foot amulet. The bottle also includes a vial of ritual-powder that will spark if sprinkled over ignited Voodoo Priest rum.