- Dec 15, 2018
This list of luxury fashion gifts has a wide scope that emphasizes areas of ready-to-wear offerings, beauty, and home decor. As the world of high-end fashion is always relevant, the category has a lot to offer -- from an abundance of chunky sneaker iterations to sleek and chic handbags. A definite highlight here is Giulia & Camilla Venturini's shopping-style leather bag that took Instagram by storm and was featured in Vogue.

The list also brings attention to the possibility for customization within the world of luxury. Consumers are reminded that they can give a more personalized gift this Christmas through tech-enabled high-end services. A gift card to Oak and River's custom tailoring or the Jacket Maker's design-forward approach to leather outerwear is a good start.

From Luxurious WOC Skincare to Inflatable Shoulder Bags: