Salt & Seaweed Apothecary Makes Sustainable, Small-Batch Products

Salt & Seaweed Apothecary makes luxurious, small-batch personal care products with a focus on sustainability and the use of responsibly harvested raw ingredients sourced from British Columbia, Canada. As such, some of the ingredients that can be found in the range include everything from glacial marine clay and ocean water to sea salt and sea kelp.

Some of the nourishing products that can be found in Salt & Seaweed Apothecary's collection include bars of solid soap, exfoliating masks and body oils.

While conscious consumers are making the switch to small-batch beauty products for their freshness, these products also align with the values of many consumers when it comes to transparency, sourcing, the use of effective, natural and non-toxic ingredients or supporting independent brands.

Image Credits: Paige Owen