- Jul 12, 2019
Customizable beauty products have been gradually working their way into the market, introducing entirely new ways for consumers to shop in-store and online for a variety of hyper-personalized products and gadgets. An overwhelming amount of products launch with a promise to solve a consumer's specific skincare concerns, yet a growing number of savvy shoppers are turning to highly tailored alternatives to off-the-shelf items.

Beauty brands are now offering artificial intelligence-powered assistants and virtual models to refine a user's skincare routine, as well as smart shops that redefine the traditional retail experience.

With Unilever's Skinsei, Olay Labs Moments, L'Oréal's CUSTOM D.O.S.E. and Shiseido's Optune, users are able to get high-tech help to address the unique needs of their skin. Beauty brands are also rolling out a number of low-tech products that allow for customization by the end consumer.

From AI Facial Cleansers to Bespoke Skincare Systems: