Michiko Koshino Created Inflatable Jackets for Spring/Summer 2018

As puffer jackets prove to be a go-to outerwear choice for the fall and winter wardrobe, Japanese and British label Michiko Koshino pushes the style in its 'Inflatable' capsule for spring with a selection of fashion-forward inflatable jackets. Each item in the collection is made out of durable PVC fabric and is seam-sealed to ensure that the outerwear is fully waterproof. The fashion label offers its inflatable jackets in an array of colors, including statement peach, a subdued silver white, a mandatory camo print, as well as a futuristic metallic option.

The pieces can be worn both inflated or deflated, depending on the overall style and preference of the wearer. Michiko Koshino is definitely successful in translating the fashion craze of puffer coats to stylish and statement-making inflatable jackets for spring.