Jun Cha Releases Beautifully Prepared Limited Edition Sculptures

 - Sep 24, 2018
References: store.juncha
Jun Cha's marble skulls have an absolutely gorgeous appearance. The LA-based tattoo artist extends himself into sculpture with his latest hand-prepared series, dubbed 'CAPO.' The limited edition collection includes objects created from Carrara marble.

Jun Cha infuses his marble skulls with his talent and experience. The artist studied in the mountains of the Apuan Alps and engaged with techniques with both classic and modern roots. His training is exuberantly mirrored in the quality and luxurious presence of the hand-sculpted marble skulls.

To celebrate the release of the ultra-limited CAPO series, Jun Cha reveals a digital short film that provides details about the creative process. Each of the marble skulls will retail online for $7,000 USD.