'Potato Plastic' Decomposes in Just Two Months and is 100% Eco-Friendly

 - Sep 10, 2018
References: jamesdysonaward.org & homecrux
The single-use plastics used on a global basis have quickly cluttered our planet with waste, so designers are taking aggressive action to create alternatives like 'Potato Plastic' to help curb the amount of garbage we're producing.

Crafted from a simple mixture of potato starch and water, the plastic is capable of being used in a multitude of different ways and will natural decompose into the environment in just two months after disposal. This makes it a 100% eco-friendly alternative to other options on the market that is not petrochemical-based and could help to quickly curb the amount of plastic ending up in our oceans, landfills and streets.

'Potato Plastic' has been developed by product designer Pontus Törnq and is the winner of the National Winner Award at the James Dyson Award Competition 2018.

Image Credit: James Dyson Award