These Design-Forward Rugs are Presented at 'Dutch Stuff'

 - Sep 25, 2018
References: londondesignfair & dezeen
'Dutch Stuff' is an exhibition that showcases design-forward imaginative rugs that are created through innovative techniques. Among the 25 studios that exhibited their work, four distinguished themselves with a groundbreaking and sustainable approach to the art of design.

Eindhoven-based Studio Plott, for one, produced colorful imaginative rugs that have a mesh silhouette and embrace geometric forms. The pieces are 3D-printed with polyamide fiber. Studio Ro Smit wholeheartedly takes on an ethical approach with social impact. It produced seven designs that are made in collaboration with people with disabilities.

Thirdly, Simone Post arranges bold imaginative rugs with luxe wax-printed fabrics. The manufacturing process relies on sustainability as the creative utilizes leftovers and misprints from textile brand Vlisco. Finally, Nina van Bart and Carpet Sign collaborate on a new technique that incorporates 3D-tufting.