The 'MINIMUM' Wearable Has a Discreet eInk Display

 - Sep 24, 2018
References: joseppedro & yankodesign
Common consumer technology devices like smartphones and smartwatches are constantly making sounds and flashing in order to garner as much attention as possible, but the conceptual 'MINIMUM' smart wearable aims to bring about a different kind of experience.

The smartwatch is free of LCD or OLED displays and instead opts for an eInk face that discreetly offers information pertaining to the time, date, location, weather and the various notifications coming from your smartphone. This makes it a discreetly connected piece of technology that limits stress and helps maintain a simple aesthetic on your wrist at all times.

The conceptual 'MINIMUM' smartwatch has been designed by Josep Pedro and addresses the shift towards unassuming technology designs that are an inherent part of the consumer lifestyle without being a constant distraction.