The Exo Chair Mimics the Folding of Paper and the Rigidity of Sculpture

The Exo Chair offers a comfortable seat and backrest, but aside from these features, the object looks rather unlike your standard chair. When viewed straight on, it appears to be planar and flat; the side angle flaunts its curved folds and unconventional structure; meanwhile, from above, it looks like a framed circular cushion. The piece is smooth and soft, covered in high quality upholstery and keeps its form with a sturdy construction of steel and plywood.

Designer Svilen Gamolov worked to rethink the shape that a chair can take, while still fulfilling its function. He was inspired by the smooth and clean lines of contemporary sculpture, as well as the clever folding patterns of origami. The result is a functional and beautiful piece, available in a range of chic color combinations that makes the Exo Chair the perfect addition to a modern dining or office space.