From Shower-Friendly Wine Holders to Whisky-Infused Coins

 - Oct 27, 2018
The October 2018 design trends boast innovations in UX and UI that are extremely function-forward, exceptionally aesthetically pleasing or both. For one, Sipski Shower Wine Glass Holder can be considered an extremely worthwhile creation that allows one to enjoy a full-bodied red in the bathtub.

In terms of contemporary art, the October 2018 design round-up highlights Daniel Arsham's '3018.' The exhibition imagines a dystopian landscape, set a 100 years from now, through decaying pop culture icons like life-size sculptures of the flying car from Back to the Future. In conjunction with the presentation, Arsham offers art lovers an extremely limited edition of breakable bears. These sculptures boast a plaster-reinforced layer that is to be broken — an activity that boasts a subtle personalization opportunity in the world of contemporary art.