This Collection of Compressed Furniture Makes Moving a Lighter Weight Effort

Couches are often one of the greatest concerns when it comes to moving out and into new houses, so it's fascinating to see this common source of anxiety and effort tackled with the remarkably lightweight design of this compressed furniture collection. Christian Hammer Juhl wished to cater to the increasingly nomadic lifestyle of contemporary renters by creating furnishings that would be easy to remove and relocate.

The solution was a collaboration with Dutch mattress company Recticel along with Studio-Stelt upholstering to produce a sofa, an armchair and a footstool that can be vacuum-sealed to within 10% of their original sizes. This deflatable 10:1 collection enables you to essentially shrink-wrap each item so that it can be more easily guided through doorways and assume less space in vehicles. It's a smaller footprint for production and transport, making this comfy compressed furniture a clever solution for the future.