Guy van Leemput Makes Delicate Ceramics Using Inflated Balloons as Bases

 - Sep 4, 2018
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It's nostalgic to see how Guy van Leemput creates his exquisite collection of porcelain bowls, beginning with inflated balloons as the molds. It may remind some of the old days in primary school, making papier mâché crafts using paper and adhesives that come to take perfectly rounded forms.

Of course, the works of this Belgian artist are of an elevated quality, inspired by the swirling plaster textures of antique frescoes and taking organic shapes that emit their intricate patterned definition when light shines through the ceramic bowls. Featuring zigzags, swirls, criss-crossing lines and cellular motifs, the sculptural work of Guy van Leemput is a creative merging of accessible production with dynamic technique and traditional influence to compose objects of seemingly natural beauty.