From Streetwear-Branded Newspapers to Naturalistic Lamp Decor

 - Sep 29, 2018
These September 2018 design innovations range from streetwear-branded newspaper covers to modular, printed lamps that draw inspiration from the natural world.

Standouts in the world of graphic design include cult streetwear label Supreme's recent collaboration with the New York Post -- the two teamed up to release a limited edition cover for the paper's August 13th issue -- along with Yeye Design's vibrant brand identity for poke restaurant Molo. While Supreme's collectible cover has already tripled in value on fashion resale websites like Grailed, Molo's vivid branding draws inspiration from street art to create a memorable and engaging restaurant identity.

When it comes to interior design and architecture, notable September 2018 trends include WashU's 'Lotus House,' along with Hutch Design's compact apartment project in North London. While the Lotus House boasts a flower-shaped facade that is aesthetically striking and sustainable, Hutch Design's residence marries minimalist details with a clever use of limited space.