Essarai Ceramics Produces Mugs That are Literal Works of Art

 - Sep 29, 2018
References: etsy
New Mexico-based studio Essarai Ceramics runs an Etsy shop that brings breathtakingly gorgeous crystal mugs to the consumer. The designs are handcrafted by the artist who is dedicated to preserving the authenticity of the work and maintaining an eco-conscious mindset through small-batch production. The stunning crystal mugs are made with water and clay. The wooden and crystal embellishments are strategically carved and placed onto the piece.

Essarai Ceramics makes it possible for consumers to design their own work of art by selecting a crystal color, as well as a base and a handle. In addition, the artist welcomes requests.

The exceptionally ethereal character of the crystal mugs is sure to capture attention and induce one's home with an art-forward aesthetic.