A Combined Shovel and Brush is a Handy Companion for Snowstorm Car Care

 - Sep 4, 2018
References: shop-eu.quirky
Certain tools often work in tandem, and such is the case of the shovel and brush when it comes to vehicle maintenance in the wintertime. This product by Quirky combines a snow shovel with a brush and a scraper so that drivers need not stow three separate instruments in the trunks of their cars, which can be easy to misplace when they're not taking up precious space.

The core of the product is the brush, which has thick bristles for wiping powdery snow off of windows and the hood of the car. The handle doubles as a scraper for icy windshields, and has a pair of reflectors embedded, should the driver find himself stranded in the dark or in a blizzard on the side of the road. The shaft of the brush doubles as the shaft of the shovel when the two components are put together.