The Organic Pharmacy's Eco-Friendly Makeup Range is Mindfully Packaged

The Organic Pharmacy recently unveiled a line of eco-friendly makeup that is entirely formulated, produced and packaged in London. The range consists of a foundation, a concealer, a tinted cream and other cosmetic staples such as mascara, liquid eyeliner and lip gloss. In all, the products are designed to create an effortlessly radiant "no-makeup makeup looks."

The products are said to boast "phytopharmaceutical formulas" or herbal medicines made from plant substances and other active ingredients for the purposes of sharing high-tech, natural solutions for the modern consumer. As such, stem cells, hyaluronic acid and fine plant and mineral pigments are included in the eco-friendly makeup ingredient lists.

In addition to plenty of thought going into the sustainable formulas, The Organic Pharmacy opted for eco-friendly packaging solutions such as bamboo, hemp, tree-free paper, glass and bagasse—the dry, fibrous material that's leftover after sugarcane or sorghum stalks are crushed to extract their juices.