The Renaissance Chair Harkens Back to an Ancient Roman Throne

Looking at the Renaissance Chair by Zaria Ishkildina, it might at first be hard to picture the ancient Roman inspiration behind it. Taking a wire mesh structure of stainless steel tubing, the piece appears hyper-modern, minimalist and not what you might have expected to see beneath the bottom of Gaius Julius Caesar.

However, take a look at the space created by the Renaissance Chair for its sitter, and you'll come to see the resemblance to the rounded cradle form that's offered by ancient Curule chairs. You can see how the interior void that's delineated by the metal cage of Ishkildina's chair is a suggestion of the wooden and cloth structure of the object that inspired it. This simple yet dynamic armchair demonstrates what its designer affirms, which is that "All new is forgotten old. Most often new ideas are taken from the basics."