Ambidestro Arquitetura Creates a Livable Space from 24 Sq Meters

AMBIDESTRO Arquitetura exhibits impeccable practicality and thinking outside the box with its design of this compact single room apartment in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Key pieces of furniture include a bed, a sofa and a desk that doubles up as a dining table. AMBIDESTRO Arquitetura places the furniture in the middle, as to make the most use of the space. The studio also incorporated smart storage options within the plush headboard and the kitchen area, which occupies the entire wall of the room.

The compact single room apartment is definitely becoming a trend, forcing architects to come up with new ways of integrating furniture and essential living components into ever-shrinking spaces. When one takes into consideration the volume of the furniture pieces and the inherent necessity for them, it is impressive how the compact single room apartment by AMBIDESTRO Arquitetura is able to house it all.

Photo Credits: Marcelo Donadussi