- May 31, 2019
As concern for the environment grows, more consumers are looking for sustainable fashion pieces. As more buyers seek to focus on slow-fashion, businesses have adapted to produce more sustainable products.

One notable green product initiative is the UNTUCKit and Fair Harbor swimwear line that is made entirely from recycled ocean plastic. This not only protects marine life but also repurposes existing resources. Other brands are launching products to support our oceans, like Truly's knitted shirts made from biodegradable seaweed. This line is gentle on the environment and a nonirritant to skin. Another prominent industry to support the planet is the shoe sector, with products like Womsh's waterproof apple leather sneakers that are cruelty-free and sustainable.

From protecting our oceans to producing products in eco-friendly ways that minimize energy and resources, businesses have to be conscious of sustainability to increase customer loyalty.

From Plastic Bottle-Made Bathing Suits to Sustainable Seaweed Shirts: