Akomplice and Nacho Becerra Dropped the Mi Bandera Collection

Akomplice worked in partnership with Mexican-American artist Nacho Becerra on a unique capsule collection entitled 'Mi Bandera.' The capsule highlights unity and projects solidarity and respect for the Mexican culture and heritage that exists in the United States. There is a massive emphasis on love, togetherness and brotherhood with the range and Mi Bandera stands against the broad categorization of Mexican archetypes. It aims to celebrate the infusion of two cultures and it shows this idea through a highlighting item -- the US flag merged with the Mexican traditional serape fabric.

Becarra explains that this flag is designed to represent everyone who strives to be legal in the beautiful country of United States. The special collection also features hoodies, t-shirts, hats and jackets, all of which boast the respective flag design. The lookbook showcases the pieces with models of all ages, genders and ethnicities to further represent unity.