Wahed Invest is a Digital Halal-Focused Ethical Investing Platform

 - Jun 18, 2018
References: wahedinvest & forbes
Wahed Invest, the world's first digital halal-focused ethical investing platform, has launched mobile apps for iOS and Android, enabling people to invest ethically wherever they are located. The apps compliment Wahed's web-based service.

Wahed’s easy-to-use digital investing platform is the first automated Halal-focused system that is overseen by an Ethical Review Board, preventing concerned investors from investing in companies that do not agree with their values, like companies involved in the liquor, firearms, gambling and tobacco industries. The platform also screens investments that generate profit from interest and those that do not comply with certain debt ratios.

Using Wahed, individuals can get an optimized and diversified halal portfolio, open an account, securely link their bank accounts to their investment portfolios, quickly access their funds, deposit money into accounts and monitor the performance of their portfolios, all from their smartphone.

Practicing Muslims believe in a complete approach to embracing Halal values but until recently, have lacked the ability to easily incorporate investing into their ethical practices. Wahed is the leading full-service Halal-focused investing platform for the Islamic community, giving Muslims and other Americans the opportunity to confidently and ethically invest in their futures.