The 'Finetza' Combines Solidity, Style and Flexible Interiors

 - May 10, 2018
References: pinnaclevehicles & newatlas
An Indian company by the name of Pinnacle Specialty Vehicles has released an innovatively designed and engineered expanding motorhome, dubbed the Finetza, that aims to offer a perfect balance between rugged performance and elegant interiors.

From the outside, the Finetza looks almost like a military vehicle with its boxy lines and reinforced exterior. This helps it navigate through all kinds of treacherous terrain and questionable roads without giving drivers and passengers any needless headaches. On the inside however, the Finetza is all elegance and class, thanks to a sleek cabin that has the appearance of a high-class private jet.

In addition to this excellent combination of style and solidity, the Finetza also features an expandable interior space that can quickly and easily be produced out of the rear in order to offer increased space. Users can also utilize a companion smartphone app to operate the expansion module, making this expanding motorhome an outdoor exploration vehicle that offers elegance, ruggedness as well as high-tech functionality.