Otenteko's Backpacks Celebrate Design, Quality and Function

 - Mar 15, 2017
References: igg.me
Design is a determined decision to creatively solve problems; to simplify things to the point where they can't be simplified any further, to get rid of clutter and unnecessary additions and only focus on what matters the most; design, quality and functionality. These are main values that Otenteko lifestyle products stands for.

Many of today's backpack manufacturers focus on adding more features to their backpacks while quality and style is principally tolerated. Otenteko believes that functionality is not about adding more features, but rather removing unnecessary ones.

The Designer backpack is intentionally the opposite of an all-in-one fully featured backpack, it's made for those who are comfortable being elegantly simple. It's a modern and comfortable leather backpack for a creative lifestyle, a backpack that looks great anywhere, anytime. It features adjustable, extra comfortable padded shoulder straps, a dedicated zip compartment to hold a 15-inch laptop, two quick access zip pockets on both sides, an internal deep zip pocket and leather handles at the top and side.

There are three backpack editions of the same design: The Master made entirely from the finest full-grain natural leather, The Pro that beautifully fuses 75% of the same naturally tanned leather with high-quality durable weather-resistant fabric.

Simplicity is way of life for people who believe that less is more. The Designer Backpack is merely a reflection of that thought and lifestyle.