From Hybrid Hydration Drinks to Millennial-Inspired Makeup

 - Sep 27, 2017
These September 2017 marketing trends feature a diverse range of inventive branding techniques, immersive consumer experiences, and a variety of dual-purpose products that attract consumers that are looking for something different.

An example of the former is the minimalistic salad bar branding that was done by designer Cecile Godin in Montreal, Quebec. Called 'Foodchain,' the salad bar aims to appeal to young professionals who are looking for a healthy meal alternative that's transparent and to the point. In addition to being informative, the simplistic branding makes it easier for consumers to decide what they want, as each salad is labeled with visual representations of its key ingredients.

As charcoal continues to be a popular fad among many consumers, the ingredient is being integrated into some rather unexpected products, such as the new Sephora Collection makeup brushes. Said to carry antibacterial properties, the charcoal brushes are ideal for those who are looking to keep their applicators as hygienic as possible.