The Cinera is an HD Headset That Offers an IMAX-Like Experience

 - Aug 17, 2017
References: kickstarter & theverge
At first glance, the Cinera looks like a VR headset. However, the device is dedicated to displaying traditional media (i.e. television and films especially) in a format that users haven't ever experienced in their homes. The Cinera offers an IMAX-like media experience, broadening one's field of vision to bring the theater into one's living room.

Cinera differs from other VR headsets in the extent of its image quality. Other headsets offer the same wraparound vision as the Cinera, but the new entertainment device does so with far higher resolution. Its pixels per degree — the amount of pixels dedicated to each degree of human vision — is 39. By comparison, the HTC Vive headset offers 9.8 pixels per degree and the Oculus Rift 11.5.