Specdrums Let Users Tap Objects to Create Music

 - Aug 17, 2017
References: kickstarter & theverge
Everyone knows at least one person who can't help but tap out beats and rhythms on the surfaces around them, and Specdrums, a new musical toy currently on Kickstarter, helps those fidgeters turn their taps into smooth instrumentation. The specdrums toy itself is a ring that fits over the pad of one's finger, and that ring connects to the Specdrums app to turn object in the real world into virtual instruments.

The aptly named Specdrums turn objects into instruments by registering their colors. Tapping on an object of a certain color with the ring, users can assign that color a sound from the Specdrums' library of instruments. These include percussion, keyboards, synths, sound effects, and more. Users can also save color schemes through the app: for example, a user could set up all the different colors of objects on their desk as the pieces of a drum kit, letting them return to that kit any time they feel like fidgeting.