Axe's 'Find Your Magic' Campaign is Rethinking Male Stereotypes

 - May 18, 2017
References: adage & mashable
"Is it OK to wear pink?" "Is it OK to be the little spoon?" and "Is it OK to be a virgin" are some of the questions asked in Axe's new ad 'Is It Okay For Guys?,' -- the newest installment to its 'Find Your Magic Campaign,' which encourages men to rethink masculinity.

The ad provides a first-person glimpse into the personal lives of various men who are reciting questions that are typically reserved for private Google search bars aloud to the audience.The ad ultimately acts as a critique of machismo and its toxic effects on men and society, and encourages men to ditch rigid stereotypes and gender roles.

Last year, the antiperspirant company, pivoted from its usual cartoon-ish representations of girl-chases-guy scenarios by embracing more enlightened and inclusive messages through its 'Find Your Magic' Campaign. The diversion to a more enlightened path, follows suit with evolving notions of masculinity which have been undergoing systemic changes in more recent years, steering Axe towards a more sophisticated and liberated audience.