This Jacket for Homeless is a Local Solution for Accepting Donations

 - Jan 10, 2017
References: & springwise
This jacket for homeless people sports a secure card reader, allowing compassionate passerby to donate digitally. Invented in the Netherlands by Parool, the charitable coat not only keeps those in need warm, it also allows them to receive donations with a built-in system that accepts debit and credit cars.

Altruistic strangers simply hold their card to the reader, which is on the front of the jacket for homeless people. One euro will automatically be credited to the wearer. Participating charitable organizations offer to turn that euro into food, a bath or place to sleep, so donors know their funds are going somewhere sustainable. Created by Stefan Leendertse and Carsten van Berkel, this system addresses the practice of homeless shelters in the Netherlands charging 5 euros as well as the issue of people not carrying cash or change on them.