The Essential Goodness Baking Mixes Help Fight Hunger in America

King Arthur Flour recently debuted a new line of baking mixes called Essential Goodness that come with a socially conscious twist. Not only do the baking mixes help consumers prepare freshly baked desserts at home, but the mixes also help to fight hunger across America.

The Essential Goodness baking mixes are a set of six mixes that can be used to prepare delicious desserts such as chocolate chip cookies, vanilla bean cheesecake bars and sour cream coffeecake. Unlike other storebought mixes, all of the products in the Essential Goodness line are made without the use of artificial colors, preservatives, hydrogenated oils or GMOs. As the brand explains, "we stick to the basics, providing you with the best of everything you need along with the absence of everything you don't."

In addition to serving as a healthy alternative to other store bought mixes, King Arthur Flour also donates a meal to Feeding America -- an organization that feeds 46 million Americans each year -- for each box of Essential Goodness sold.