- Mar 13, 2018
These corporate social responsibility examples range from gender equality beer branding to environmentally friendly resort concepts. While ski resort Squaw Valley -- a vacation destination that aims to run 100 percent on renewable energy -- is reflective of hospitality brands' ongoing dedication to sustainable practices, BrewDog's 'Beer for Girls' aims to bring attention to ongoing gender inequality issues faced by women around the globe.

When it comes to examples that support LGBTQ+ initiatives, Skyy Vodka's Yyes cocktail was launched in celebration of Australia's same-sex marriage laws, while the Burberry Spring 2018 runway presentation featured a rainbow-themed iteration of the brand's iconic novacheck print. The inclusive print was presented in honor of gender inclusivity and illustrates the heritage fashion label's stance on acceptance.

Other corporate social responsibility examples to note include Spotify's newest feature 'Amplify' which zones in on cultural content and of-the-moment issues, along with 'BLK + GRN,' a beauty-focused e-commerce platform that spotlights organic products from Black-owned brands.

From Gender Equality Beers to Eco Resort Concepts: