L. is Donating 60 Million Organic Period Products

 - Mar 14, 2018
References: thisisl & teenvogue
In light of Women's History month, L., an organic period product company is donating 60 million menstruation products to people who need them.

Period products are a costly necessity that many can't afford. Often, young people have to stay home from work or school while they're menstruating, due to their lack of access to these products. To combat this problem, L. is donating over 60 million organic cotton tampons and pads to those who need them most.

The move aims to provide safe access to these necessary hygiene products, while eliminating the stigma surrounding menstruation. According to the brand, "Menstrual equity is about access. Access to a safe, affordable necessity that the average woman will use more than 10,000 times in her life. It’s really that simple."