This Company Has Developed a Series of Multi-Sensory Culinary Experiments

 - Jul 2, 2015
References: bompasandparr & psfk
Sony recently partnered with the culinary research 'Bompas & Parr' to develop a series of immersive culinary experiments. The project was part of Sony's 'Multi-Room Sonic Wonderland' and it explored how our musical influences impact our sense of taste.

The culinary experiments consisted of a series of different rooms, each of which featured a different selection of food and a different musical arrangement. As they sampled the food, the guests were subjected to a series of low and high pitched frequencies. The experiment demonstrated that guests found that their food tasted sweeter when they heard higher-pitched tones and more bitter when they heard low-pitched tones.

The unique culinary experiment provided insight into the complexity of our sensory systems and how audio technology can be used to alter our sense of taste.