From Pop Culture-Themed Eateries to Multi-Sensory Food Labs

 - Jan 12, 2016
These immersive restaurant experiences demonstrate that consumers are looking for more than just a quality meal when they head out to eat. Indeed, many restaurants are starting to look beyond their menus to try and offer patrons a multi-sensory dining experience.

One of the most interesting ways that restaurants have created an immersive atmosphere is by encouraging guests to actively participate in the experience. Instead of sitting back and simply enjoying a nice meal, diners are now able to play games, socialize and learn more about the food they are consuming. Standout examples of this approach include interactive dinners inspired by the prisoner's dilemma, open-kitchen eateries that prepare each meal directly in front of the guests and even fusion restaurants with gamified dining tables.

Beyond encouraging active participation, creating the right atmosphere is an important part of fostering an immersive restaurant experience. Many restaurants achieve this by picking a unique theme or an interesting locale. Noteworthy examples of this approach include romantic subaquatic diners, pop culture-themed eateries and even action movie-inspired restaurants.