Stella Artois' Unique Dining Experience Engages the Five Senses

This fall, Toronto will be host to a unique dining experience from Stella Artois called the 'Sensorium.'

The three-week experience is one part dining and one part theater, based around the idea of involving all of the senses when eating and drinking. A gigantic dome will be set up for the event, which will serve as the immersive 360-degree theater for the tasting and viewings to go on. For instance, when eating a course of seafood, projection mapping will turn the interior of the dome into an underwater environment. Salty scents from the sea will be projected in order to really recreate the feeling of being by the ocean.

Considering that tickets have been flying off the shelves and it's anticipated that more than 2,000 people will attend this unique dining event, the pop-up dome gives the brand flexibility to bring the Sensorium to other global cities.