The Descente Blanc Store in Fukuoka Features a Suspended Mobile Racks

 - Dec 9, 2015
The Descente Blanc store in Fukuoka, Japan is a stunning whiteout space that boasts a mobile system of hanger racks suspended from the ceiling. The highly innovative display system makes it easy for customers to browse the selection from all angles including from above and below and integrates movement into the shopping experience in a dynamic and engaging way.

The mobile hangar racks also infuse the understated retail space with a sense of activity. Designed by Schemata Architects, the Fukuoka shop also has a kitchen, garden and rooftop space for relaxing and exploring.

An example of the potential applications for tech-powered retail, the mobile display in Fukuoka's Descente Blanc store helps the designers at Schemata Architects achieve their goal of incorporating movement into the retail experience.