The Andy Wolf Eyewear Concept System is Modern Rustic Merchandising

 - Oct 13, 2015
A crash course in modern rustic merchandising, the Andy Wolf eyewear concept display is a stylish modular merchandising system. Designed to display the brand's eyewear selections, the shelving units follow Andy Wolf Eyewear's dedication to handmade goods in that the displays are welded and assembled by hand.

Made from reclaimed wood and scrap metal, the eyewear concept displays add a dose of whimsy to any retail space. The tactile displays feature a mechanical moving element that helps to entice the consumer to play with the display and thus explore the product range. The results are a moving stage for eyewear to be displayed on.

Andy Wolf Eyewear is a Hartenberg-based glasses company with a handcrafted philosophy, with each of the brand's products being handmade in Austria.