This Genesis Mannequin Fashion Display Creates a Dynamic Catwalk

The Genesis Mannequin Showroom in Germany is full of creative displays that show off mannequin fashion, fun poses and inspiring store setups. One of the most dynamic fixtures of its store is a collection of mannequin models that are gathered on an in-store catwalk.

On a long stretch of a raised floorway, several models are perched and posed on a life-sized runway. Around this space, there is plenty of room for visitors to walk around and inspect the many clusters of mannequins that fill the showroom. Although this installation is meant to show off the diverse range of models that Genesis Mannequins supplies, this is an inventive idea that could just as easily be applied to other store environments.

Some other quirky mannequin models in the showroom include ones that scale walls, anime-inspired retail mannequins, as well as all-metal silhouettes of the human form.