This Miniature Playground is Built for Fun and Practical Use

 - Aug 9, 2015
References: lasticot & a-bureau
'Bureau A' designed and constructed this amazingly playful clothing rack for L’asticot's flagship store in Geneva. L’asticot is a clothing store for children, which makes the design an extremely practical and brand-appropriate item.

The clothing rack itself is designed like a miniature playground for children. It is a circular clothing rack that functions like an average rack with clothing hanging on the perimeter. The top displays a complete version of a scaled-down city. Children are encouraged to scamper around, play with the display and navigate their way beneath the city.

This functional piece of art sits in the center of the showroom an acts as the focal part of the entire store. In addition to the city, there is a single cloud-shaped light that hangs directly above the display to illuminate the city and the clothing.