Loblaws' President's Choice Discoveries Platform Stuns Food Fans

Canadian grocery retailer Loblaws impressed millennial consumers with the recent launch of its "Crave More" social media campaign and foodie-focused President's Choice Discoveries platform.

In addition to featuring recipes, decor trends and tips for those who love to entertain, the President's Choice Discoveries platform is also a way for Loblaws customers to save money and get access to exclusive deals. This foodie-focused social network is not only a smart marketing move for Loblaws -- whose in-house President's Choice range has been re-branded to appeal to urban foodies -- but is also a way to give the grocer's consumers a feeling of exclusivity.

The retailer's "Crave More" campaign connects foodies across Canada and was launched with a signature loyalty card. In addition to offering savings and exclusivity, this marketing move transforms PC from an inexpensive grocery staple into a lifestyle brand that appeals to millennials.