Gubble Bum by JJAAKK Design is Full of Cute Characters

 - Sep 17, 2014
References: gubblebum
When it comes to bubble gum packaging, the designs created for Gubble Bum are perhaps the cutest on the market. A series of boxy characters, the designs are a play on the brand's names. Essentially each character is a bum. Yet what makes these bubble gum packing even more creative and clever is that it is a two part system.

Designed by JJAAKK Design, a studio based in the United States, the bubble gum packaging doesn't end at first glance. As soon as a person takes the lid off to access the gum inside, a skeletal character is hilariously revealed. Essentially, the twisted branding shows that people are removing the 'flesh' of each Gubble Bum character. The colors of the bubble gum packaging match the different flavors.