From Rude Beer Bottles to Eco-Friendly Fruit Packaging

 - Oct 27, 2014
These October 2014 branding ideas range from humorous beer labels to eco-friendly fruit packaging concepts that aim to increase the longevity of your organic food product.

Growing environmental concerns have lead to an increase in environmental marketing strategies that are now a symbol of a brand's values. When choosing sustainable branding, companies are showing their consumer that they care about the environment, therefore alluding to the quality and care that is put in to making their product.

In addition to organic and eco-friendly packaging, these October 2014 branding ideas are also aiming to appeal to a younger generation. Rude beer branding and extravagant product launch events are examples of branding strategies that target a younger customer demographic. This consumer appreciates experiential marketing and is not one to be easily persuaded by traditional sales methods.