Swank's Chewing Gum Packaging Design is Fashionably Patterned for Ladies

There are a lot of chewing gum packaging designs that go the route of making their designs as clean and simple as possible, in order to put emphasis on the freshness that the product will deliver. In contrast to this, design student Amanda van der Walt created 'Swank,' a line of chewing gum that's packaged and branded with fashion-forward women in mind.

Each of the different flavors of chewing gum for Swank Ladies' Chewing Gum features a slightly different pattern and colorway, which makes them easy to tell apart. Rather than suggesting a flavor that's simple and clean, these gum packages hint at complexity and richness. Each of the individually wrapped gum pieces are adorned with pattern as well, and when all the gum has been chewed, the inside of the packages reveals a hidden quote.