Quartz Champagne Packaging Complements the Elaborate Flavors Within

 - Sep 29, 2014
References: behance.net & packagingoftheworld
The smooth silhouette of a bottle of bubbly does capture the sophistication of the drink, but Quartz Champagne packaging does a brilliant job of suggesting the real complexity of the production and taste of such a high quality beverage. Students Cajza Nyden and Max Molitor worked together to create a thoughtful protective carton for each elegant container that would contribute both aesthetically and functionally.

The texture that's formed by the folding triangles of the card's surface is engaging to the touch and to the eyes, especially with the changing light effects that the surfaces gather. This crimping doubles as an effective buffer between bottles, making it safe to stack several together securely. Finally, Quartz Champagne packaging can be carried, but it cannot be stood upright. Sparking wine is supposed to be laid sideways, and this scheme enforces that.