SkinnyMint's Tea Detox Aims to Help with Weight Loss & Detoxification

A lot of people drink tea because it tastes good, or because it has numerous health benefits, but SkinnyMint's tea detox mixes are specifically designed to help with increasing your metabolism, energy levels, digestion as well as reducing fat, appetite and bloating.

Just like most juice cleanses that are offered in packages, SkinnyMint has three different intensity levels that you can choose from, including a 28 Day Ultimate Teatox and a 14 Day Starter Teatox for beginners. Some of the natural teas include ingredients like green tea, yerba mate, strawberry, pineapple and the leaves from nettle and grapefruit plants. In the morning, these blends aid with boosting energy levels, delivering vitamins and antioxidants and purifying the system. At night, the tea drinks include more soothing mixes that are caffeine-free to ease the body into rest.