OAK Wine's Wooden Wine Bottle is Created from the Same Storage Cask

 - Sep 18, 2014
References: oakwine.es & packagingoftheworld
The wooden wine bottle created for OAK wine by Grantipo and La Despensa is a concept that would have the bottle shaped out of the same cask that is used to store the wine. This way, the fermentation process that the wine goes through is not disrupted by introducing any new materials. Since this is still a concept, the designers remark that "We know that fermentation in a confined space is different from a barrel and we are studing its behavior with winemakers," although a prototype bottle is already in the works.

Due to the use of wood, the bottle has an old feel to it, but some details that bring the bottle up to date include having the QR and UPC codes etched into the back of the bottle.