From Lifelike Insect Desserts to Adorable Food Art

 - Oct 26, 2014
When it comes to the top October 2014 food ideas, the more creative, the better. People are consistently drawn to outrageous recipes that push the boundaries in creative ways. The art of cuisine has truly become a form of art as chefs, cooks and food hobbyists explore different ways to not only make delicious dishes, but to present them as well.

Although there are a few festive fall dishes in this collection of top October 2014 food ideas including lifelike Halloween desserts, blackened bun burgers and unique platters for dinner parties, there are also bizarre meal hybrids that continue to confuse the taste buds. Serving spicy ramen donuts, French fry pizzas and cheesy fried chocolate sandwiches would make any holiday party the talk of the town.