This 'Broccomole' Vegetable Dip is a Low-Fat Alternative to Guacamole

 - Oct 1, 2014
References: thisisbodhi & hellawella
This creative vegetable dip recipe by chef Anthony Monetti combines broccoli with guacamole, making it a low-calorie alternative that doesn't sacrifice that gorgeous green color of traditional guacamole.

Instead of a base of avocados, the recipe makes use of cooked broccoli, fresh lemon juice, cumin, garlic powder, green onions and tomato. For a little bit of a spicy kick, you could also toss in some hot peppers to taste. As far as making the recipe goes, most of the work required is cooking the broccoli, and from there the remaining ingredients can be put into a food processor and blended until it all reaches a creamy, uniform texture that's perfect for dipping vegetables or crackers into.